Forecasting as a service


Frequentists be gone. Sybil is Bayes with bells & whistles.

More accurate

Sybil generates better results than other forecasting methods.


Sybil returns the forecast as a PMF - you decide on actions.

Start by feeding Sybil data - she doesn't need very much.

<script type="text/javascript">
sybil.track_event('transaction', {productId: 'abc'});

With fewer than 30 data-points Sybil will have her first forecast ready.

curl -X POST -d {"product_id": "abc", "sigma": 1}

{ "time": "35", "lower": "3980", "upper": "4401", "mean": "4184" } { "time": "36", "lower": "4034", "upper": "4534", "mean": "4284" }

Start forecasting

Contact us and we'll give you an API-key so you can see Sybil in action.